Duke Cannon THICK Shamrock

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"Aye! Nothin' signals the comin' o' spring like a limited-edition body wash," said no one ever, but that didn't stop us from launching Shamrock THICK. Invite your customers in to experience the pride of Dublin and watch gold coins topple over your countertop for this creamy, deliciously minty and, to be clear - non-edible bottle full o’luck!


Please note: we actually launched this. This is real. Product Specs of This Real Product:

- Packed with rich, gaelic lather

- THICK has a 3x thicker viscosity and Shamrock THICK is even thicker

- Wicked minty scent is actually good

- 17.5 oz. bottle will last longer than a keg of green beer


"There once was a body wash so watered down

With an unbearable scent - smelled all over town.

Grown men who once used it, Now simply refuse it

Convinced it was meant for a clown."