Hand2Mind Sensory Fidget Tubes

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  • Restless Screenless Toys for Children and Adults: Teach children to calm down with practical resources that help build social-emotional skills for children by providing cues and physical objects to deal with big emotions.
  • Relaxing Anxiety Relief Items: Each set of sensory tubes comes with 1 tube of soothing glitter, 1 fantastic tube for restlessness, 1 magic inverted hourglass, and 1 relaxing gravity spinner.
  • New creative toy for the restless: a cooler but equally memorizing version of a lava lamp without the heat and as memorizing and relaxing as fidget spinners only without any sound.
  • Toy play to reinforce sensory play: Each of the sensory tubes offers a unique experience because each child reacts differently to a stressful situation. Children or adults can enjoy independent play or practice a silent approach.
  • Restless toys for anxiety: If children are upset or stressed, they encourage focusing on movement inside the anti-stress tube. This allows them to slow down their heart rate and breathing while directing their attention there.
  • Help manage distance learning: Learning at home or at home learning is new for many children this year. To help them cope with the added stress, our sensory tubes are perfect for calming your child's corner.
  • Adult toys too: Fidget and sensory toys to help pass the time, manage emotions, keep hands busy, fine motor skills, help with boredom, self-regulation of the home, or release and calm stress.