Airome' Ceramic Reed Diffuser-Sweet Love Spell

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The Sweet Love Spell Vase features a warm grey vase with a lush floral fragrance. Sweet Love Spell features lush blossoms mingled with ripe, sweet fruits.

Reed Diffusers use carefully crafted fragrance oils to bring the perfect amount of fragrance to a smaller room or space. Rattan reeds are paired with stylish ceramic vessels that beautify a space visually as well as aromatically.

  • Passive fragrance diffuser with no plug or battery needed.
  • Fragrance profile includes essential oils.
  • Easy-to-use fragrance diffuser that lets you set it and forget it.
  • Fragrace oil lasts approximately 8 weeks.
  • Includes: reusable ceramic vessel, 7 rattan sticks, and 4 oz Sweet Love Spell oil.