Hand2Mind Squishy Water Beads Science Lab

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  • Educational toys: Welcome to the exciting world of sensory play. Using the fluffy water bead kit, children can learn about the characteristics of gases, liquids and solids.
  • Easy-to-use sensory toys: 10 STEM experiments and 36 illustrated stories allow your kids to explore scientific concepts while creating an anti-stress ball, a scented mini mood lamp, and a calming mood tube.
  • Learn and Play Sensory: JR STEM kits bring scientific concepts to life through hands-on activities designed to spark interest, inspire confidence, boost creative critical thinking skills while fostering collaboration between children and adults.
  • Activities at home: Learn about the states of matter through fun craft experiments and fluffy sensory games. The 36-page illustrated storybook and activity guide includes 10 STEM activities that focus on children's properties of matter and sensory play.
  • Explore with sensory tools: Children will enjoy the fascinating and calming properties of fluffy substances. The 10 scientific activities will help deepen awareness of the concepts of science and chemistry. Perfect gift for children from 5 to 7 years old.
  • Hands-on learning: Students in activity-based programs perform up to 20% higher than groups using traditional or textbook methods.
  • Sensory Manufacturing Kit: All components are reusable for continuous play that helps reinforce scientific concepts through hands-on learning.